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Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2



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Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

Post by Ash on Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:37 pm

Hi  All, 
   Am trying to Upgrade from Kapow 9.7.6 to 10.2.2. Have been facing so many issues.
The main one being : not able to upload any robots from design studio to Management Console.

Not sure if thats a bug/ we missing something while upgrading.

Any one has got some ideas? Or anyone using Kapow 10.2.2 in dis group???

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Shyam Kumar

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Re: Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

Post by Shyam Kumar on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:57 pm

Hi Ash,

The main issue you are mentioned in the post is "not able to upload any robots from design studio to Management Console.

Here you are trying to upgrade the lower version to higher version, But I think you are not upgrade the management console and you are  trying to upload robots in the 9.7.6 version of management console, but the robot file saved in 10.2.2 version.

Upgrading your Kapow environment includes upgrading all the components used: Management Console, RoboServer(s), Design Studio(s) and any Java or .net applications that are working with robots.

Kapow recommends to first install the new version in a test environment to make sure all the robots run correctly before installing the new version in production.


It is possible to run two different versions of  Kapow on the same machine, at the same time, as long as they are using different ports.
Therefore, the new version can be tested on the same machine as the current version such that production is not affected.
When testing is completed and you are ready to start using the new version you can shutdown the old version, change the ports for the new version and start it. This way, the users will be able to use the same old ports to access the new version of Kapow .

IMPORTANT: When running two version of  Kapow on the same machine at the same time, please take into consideration the resources available on the machine and the amount allocated to Kapow (Management Console and/or RoboServer(s)).

Upgrading Management Console (embedded mode) and RoboServers

Before proceeding with the upgrade, download the new software.

1. From the current Management Console --> backup tab, create a backup of the current management console.
File will be in the Users download folder (unless your web browser is prompting you for a location to save the file).

2. Move the backup to the desktop for easy access.
3. Close the Management Console browser window.
4. Stop and disable Roboserver(s) service(s) if created.
5. Stop and disable Management Console service if created.
6. Install the new software.
7. Install the new Management Console and RoboServer services, if needed.

8. Start the RoboServer(s) (service).

9.Start the Managment Console (service).
10. Bring up the Management Console Web interface in a browser. It should be empty. Enter the license information.
11. Restore the management console backup from the desktop file created in step 1-2.

Important: The full Management Console backup will backup ALL settings from the Management Console; besides the robots, types and settings it will backup: Cluster setup, RoboServer(s) name(s), Database mappings, Schedules and everything in the Admin-->Settings. Therefore, all this data will be restored in the new Management Console. After the restore, the following settings should be checked and changed if needed (please note that in version 10, the "Clusters" tab under "Admin" has been renamed to "RoboServers"):

- Admin --> Clusters: make sure the cluster name, KCU allocation are correct and the RoboServers are pointing to the correct servers (and ports).

- Admin --> Clusters --> Cluster settings: make sure the database mappings are correct (e.g. if this is a test Management Console, it might need to point to test databases, not the production databases).

- Repository --> Databases: if upgrading to a post-9.6 version, make sure you create the databases connections (for your database mappings already present in Admin -> Clusters -> Cluster Settings

- Admin --> Settings --> RoboServer Log Database: make sure this is the correct database that this Management Console should be pointing to
Note: If you are upgrading from a pre-9.5 version to version 9.5 or later and plan to use the same database for logs, please make sure you edit the Robot Run table structure. Please see Knownledgebase article #12890 - Troubleshooting the "Could not load robot runs. Invalid column name 'BYTES'" message.

- Admin --> Settings --> Analytics Database: if Analytics was set up with the previous Management Console, make sure this is still the correct database to point to

- Schedules: confirm which schedules should be Active (e.g. if this is a test Management Console, you might want to run all schedules manually until all robots are tested)

12. Test the environment by running a robot from the repository and a schedule. If problems are encountered open a case via the portal with Technical Support.

Upgrading Management Console (deployed into Tomcat)
When Management Console is deployed into Tomcat, it has to be upgraded following the same steps as above and then the new Management Console has to be deployed into Tomcat using the instructions from the documentation.

Upgrading Design Studio(s)

Since most of the settings are no longer stored in Design Studio, Upgrading it is actually a new installation of the new version. Once the new version is installed, start Design Studio and point it to the new Management Console to get a license (see the "Entering license information" or "Providing license information" in the documentation for more information).

Upgrading the applications that work with robots

All Kapow versions contain the libraries that are needed to develop applications that work with robots: .jar files for Java and .dll for .NET.
When Upgrading your Kapow environement, if you have any applications that work with robots, you should also upgarde your applications such that they use the new libraries from the new version.

Thank you.


Shyam kumar

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Re: Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

Post by jking on Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:57 pm

You can upload robots from Management Console as well as from Design Studio.  Have you tried to upload from MC? We always upload robots, etc. from MC using the wizard:

From MC → Repository → Robots, click + Add Robot
File: Browse to Folder with your robot, Click on the Robot then click Open
Select the Folder in MC where the robot should reside and click Upload.

If there are Types or Snippets that are missing you will be prompted to upload those.

From 10.2.2 Help:

[*]Select a robot in the Robot list of the Select Robot step.
[*]If all snippets and types used by the robot are already uploaded, and the robot does not have any input variables, you can click Finish; otherwise click Next.
If the selected robot uses any snippets that have not been uploaded to the Management Console repository, you must upload them now.
[*]In the "Upload missing snippets" window, browse to the missing snippet and click Upload. You can also specify a folder in the "Select folder" list.
If the selected robot uses any types which have not been uploaded to the Management Console repository, you must upload them now.
[*]In the " Upload missing types" window, browse to the missing type and click Upload. You can also specify a folder in the "Select folder" list.
The configure input for your robot window appears.
[*]Configure the robot input used when it runs as part of this schedule.
[*]If an attribute is of a binary type, you can use the drop down list to select a resource that is already uploaded, or click Upload to upload one.
If an attribute is required, it is underlined with red.
[*]Complete all required fields and click Finish. 


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Re: Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

Post by Ash on Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:50 am

Thanks heaps Shyam and jking for finding time to reply to my msg, that too explaining in detail.I really appreciate that.

Let me add few things which i have done., I have followed the same way what Shyam mentioned. I was able to get a running management console in 10.2.2, and design studio in 10.2.2.
Since i took a backup from the previous versions, i have all my robots in the management console from version 9.7.6.
   This is where i want to get the latest version, so tried to upload from design studio (10.2.2) to management console (10.2.2), and wen i try to do that, it keeps on giving error message like - "Cant find the project",  where as i could see the project in my management console. Nd basicaly, connection to management console was losing it seems.

Which version r u guys using by the way?

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Re: Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

Post by jking on Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:12 am

We are running Version 166

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Re: Kapow Upgrade from 9.7.6 to 10.2.2

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